Best Western Rewards
11360 U.S. Highway One • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408 • (561) 844-8448
Palm Beach Gardens

Worth Avenue

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The Worth Avenue experience has been treasured for half a century by visitors the world over-an opportunity to shop legendary international boutiques as well as unique specialty stores found only on the Avenue. It is an experience distinguished by an Old-World interpretation of quality and hospitality, integrity and taste.

The more than 250 merchants here are committed to making your visit to the Avenue as memorable as it is rewarding, to showing you that the heart of our boulevard is based on the enduring distinction of fine customer service.

All Year Long
Worth Avenue is a place for all seasons.

Long over are the old days of a Palm Beach social season that opened in mid-December and snapped shut the day after Washington's birthday. These days, Palm Beach and Worth Avenue are busy with events all year long, some to benefit local charitable organizations, others as a way to celebrate island living--and Worth Avenue--in general. The Association also teams up with other organizations for major style and fashion-oriented events.

Other signature Avenue events include holiday festivities, a pet fashion show (this is Palm Beach), and many other whimsies and diversions. Look for the Premier Party and launch of Jim Ponce documentry and the Spring Fling Easter Egg Hunt once dates have been determined.

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